WN14 … 폴리곤프로파일 PnC (P2C, P3C, P4C, P5C, P6C)

2020-10-30 20:58
PnG Polygon Profile Design

WN14 calculates dimensions, tolerances, stress and safety factors for PnC polygon profiles, inclusive P4C according to DIN 32712.

Polygon trochoide profiles with other number of teeth (P2C, P3C, P5C, P6C) can also be calculated.

P4C sizes according to DIN 32712 (size 14 mm to 180 mm) can be selected from database. The database may be extended by the user.


Enter torque, select material and application: WN14 calculates minimum size required for a PnC shaft-hub joint.

Strength Calculation
WN14 calculates pressure, tension, torsional stress, bending stress, and equivalent stress according to DIN 6892 (pressure) and DIN 7190 (stress spectrum).


Material Database

Materials for shaft and hub can be selected from the integrated material database with 900 steel and non-iron materials.

Production Drawing
PnC dimension table together with PnC profile in an ISO 7200 drawing header may be printed directly, or exported to CAD via DXF-/IGES interface. Drawing name, date, users and modifications are described in WN14.

Quick View
Drawing together with tables of dimensions, material data, strength calculation on one screen.

CAD Interface
WN14 generates a true scale PnC profile as DXF or IGES file to be used in CAD or CNC system. Resolution and tolerances can be configured.

STL Interface
WN14 generates a true scale 3D model of shaft and hub, ready to be produced by means of any 3D printer.

User Interface
The dialogue windows of WN14 allow even the less experienced PC user to find his way around the program quickly. WN14 provides users with a help text. When the demo mode is selected, WN14 runs through a demo program in which an example calculation is performed. WN14 contains auxiliary pictures with geometrical signs and formulas used by the program.

System Requirements
WN14 is available as 32-bit app or as 64-bit app for Windows 7, 8, Windows 10.